Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas is almost here!

Are you ready for Christmas? I am almost done with all my shopping! This is a pic of me and my sister's and my sis in law from the Christmas party my parents had this last Saturday! It was really fun.. and had way too many treats! If I can just make it a few more weeks until Jan 1 then I think I will survive the holidays without doing tooooo much damage to the progress I have made! Anybody have any good ideas for New Years resolutions? Besides weightloss.. because thats a given!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Run RUn RUN.....

So Sunday...Me, Lobsang and Leann all did the 5k Run for arthritis. It was soooo fun! It was called the Jingle Bell Run.. and everyone was wearing Christmas stuff and had Jingle Bells tied to their shoes. It was a great way to start the Christmas Season! I have always despised running...let me tell you! BUT, when you can actually run for a while it starts to become fun... I am totally becoming obsessed with the idea of being able to run farther and farther without me it's such a challenge and I love it! Don't get me wrong I won't ever be the type that runs a marathon or something a year from now.. that would have to be a miracle. But these little 5k and 8k runs are very fun! We are going to do the Shamrock run in March.. and I can not wait to see how a few months of actually training improves our time from this run to next! Wish me luck! Oh and I pretty much owe it to Lobsang for talking me into the Jingle Bell run... I would have never done it without her prompting! SO THANKS LOB!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


point and shoot cameras arn't the best Sorry!

4 am shopping rules! oooppsss sorry the pic is sideways

My mom in the morning after shopping rush!

Everyone minus Me! Getting ready to dig In!

My dad trying to move the Turkey from the pan to a platter.... Difficult task! Turns out we needed about 3 people to do it!

So Thanksgiving this year was pretty low key. Much more low key then normal. It was just my mom, dad, me, and my sisters in-laws and family. Usually its all of us.. but Josh was with his inlaws this yr and Kim was out of town. We did end up getting to see Matt and the kids later on in the evening. It was nice though... really relaxing! We actually spent alot of time crafting our plan for the morning after shopping spree! We ended up hitting alot of stores and shopping from about 5 am to 5pm. I didn't get too much stuff.. but Jessie pretty much finished up her shopping! I didn't end up seeing any crazy people pushing old ladies down for the last pair of socks or anything... although that would have made my day a tad more interesting! At the expense of an old lady that is.. so I guess it is a good thing it didn't happen! Hahahaha

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dog Park Fun!

Me and my God son Wilson

Katie and her God son Simon! JK I know thats cheap, it's just a dumb joke me and Katie always do!

Wilson, Tired from running around like CRAZY!

Simon pretty much smiling! hahahhaha

I don't know who he is kiddind, he has pee'd so many times there is no way he has any left. But it makes him feel good to pretend I guess! hahhhaah

Simon is not afraid of any one at the dog park! It is crazy.... he will see two dogs fighting or growling... he runs over and takes one of there sides and gets into the mix! And it always has to be like Pit Bulls or boxers... or something that is bigger then him by a MILE!

So I have to admit, I have turned into one of those dog park people! hahahah I never thought it would happen, but I am sorry dear friends it has. The dog park is a great invention! The first time I went I was like NO WAY these people are nuts! They are a whole different breed of human, but it turns out... I am one of them! Jk not really, kind of I guess.... Well anyways.. it is really great to be able to let Simon run around like crazy and not worry about him getting out.. its all totally fenced! So me and Katie took Simon and Wilson there on Sat. and let them run for a while.. It was fun! I think if people are going to have a pet, they need to invest a little time in I try and get Simon out of the house as often as possible and let him run around, or take him on a walk..... Everyone warns me.. once I have a kid it will be different... I will be like Simon WHO??? And thats Totally Fine... but for now I guess he just passes the time!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Simon is having some issues! Hahahha His hair do... Is in need of some fixing! Apparently since I have stopped taking him to work, and by the time I get off it's to dark to go to the dog park, he has nothing to live for! hahahah When I say that I mean he has become SOOO lazy.... He sleeps all day! And when I get up in the morning he just keeps right on sleeping.
I couldn't figure it out... and then
my mom goes I know why he sleeps all the time!
I was like why? She goes those new curtains in your room! I'm like what??? She goes they are so dark that he thinks its always NIGHT TIME! hahahahah.........I got thick chocolate brown curtains the other day and since it's winter and im never in my room anyways except for at night... I haven't really been pulling them open.. So my dog was all confused and thought it was always night! POOR LITTLE GUY!!! hahahhah This lack of energy and the fact that he's becoming an old man, has translated into a few extra pounds around the belly I have noticed lately on him..... He has always been so SKINNY.. but I guess being the worlds laziest dog will do that to yah! Until next time ADIOS!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas Starts the Day after Halloween Aparently

Just had to get that off my chest. The Christmas season doesn't start the day after Thanksgiving anymore... NO my friends it starts the day after Halloween. Not that I totally mind, but I don't want any one fooling themselves... Christmas season is here and it is here to stay until DECEMBER 26th. Well now that I am done with that, I had a great weekend. I went and saw Mandie.... one of the many things we did was go to a country line dance club. That was a first.. and I have to say it was really fun! We were not quite prepared, fashion wise... but it was still a really good time. Next time I will bring my Cowboy hat and boots....... well probably not, but hey I will try to fit in a little better. This week I have decided to buckle down and get my butt moving..... I am 5 lbs. away from losing a total of 50 lbs so far.. and I have got to get GOING! I have a goal for new yrs. ... and the way I'm going Ill never be there! I have gotten into a little bit of a CHAI TEA obsession.... So this week I have decided I have to kick the Chai habit and get serious. I have a few jeans that I have bought lately that are calling my name.. but not for about another 10lbs... hahahaha WISH ME LUCK... cutting the Chai cold turkey!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Workout Schmirckout! after MUCH planning and preperation me and my dad met at the gym today after work...........We were going to go to a step aerobics/ kick boxing /butt kicking class. We go into the room where the class is... and it was super jam packed. There were Steps set up all over the place.... so I go and grab one from the back of the room (that wasn't set up yet) and procede to move one up a little so I can put mine next to my dads. When this lady comes walking over and looking at me... I go oh was this your step? And she goes YES, and I go well I was gonna scoot it up a little is that ok? And she goes NO.. I want it right there.. SO I go OK and I put mine in front of hers Instead.. So im not next to my dad.........Grrrrr and she couldn't see the teacher cause I was right in front of her now.. serves her right! So we are standing around now waiting for the class to start.. when out of no where another lady comes up to me and goes, is this my step? I go no, I got it from the back of the room and set it up! And then the other lady who told me not to move her step Chimes IN! Oh her step was there, did you move it? I GO NOOOOOOOOOOOO I went and got this step and SET IT UP.... She goes well where did it go then??? I go I DON'T KNOW???????? Now you have to realize about this time I WAS GETTING TICKED OFF.... With all of this step stealing crap... And mind you, no one had like a water bottle or a towel or anything sitting on there step they just assume everyone know that its taken... even though I didn't take it. So the girl who thought I stole her step goes to the front of the WHOLE class and goes Does any one know where the step that was right back there went???? THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE!!!!!!!!!!! I was pretty much in shock at this point.. and everyone looked at ther like you must be an idiot? So any ways the lady behind me was still harrassing me about the step, when I turned around to my dad and go.............THEY THINK I STOLE HER STEP! And he goes what the crap? She didn't steal your stinking step... hahhahahaha IT WAS NUTSSSSSSSSSS I don' t know what was wrong with these people. So the girl who thinks her step was stolen goes down stairs and gets another step, and about this time me and my dad were so mad, he turns to me and goes lets GO... hahhhahah so before the class even starts we LEAVE........and who do we run into on the stairs.. the girl who thinks I stole her step.. She goes I got another one you guys can keep that one. I didn't mean to accuse you.. I couldn't even GO THERE......So I just raised my hand to her... as if to say YOUR NUTS.... So needless to say we both drove home TICKED... and went on the treadmill... My Dad vows never to go back! hahahhaha I just can't believe my first class was to be my last! These ladies are serious about their step arobics.. Oh and its 12:25 and I am super tired so please excuse the spelling, punctuation, lack of quotation marks ETC.......... I'm just not into all that jazz right now. Well anyways........thats the craziest thing that has happened to me in a while........... so I had to share it! Oh and the pic at the top LOVE IT! I fell in the mud pretty much to get it.. and my shoes are still covered in mud.. but hey it was worth it!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Addy and her Daddy

Addy was hugging her dad for all she was worth! It was so cute....i'm glad I got to snap a few quick pics before she totally realized I was on to her! The sun was really bright, so her face is really shadowed...but hey you get the gist of it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are you ready for some Football?

Our cheering section! Man these boys are lucky!

So this was the last weekend for football. All except for Canon, he has one more game this weekend. I don't know what the guys are gonna do? They are gonna go into like an after football season depression! We had three games in a row on Sunday.... First was Noah and Sawyer's team.. they were undefeated until there last game.... not to shabby! And they both had awesome games, I think a couple touchdowns each? I don't know I can't keep track any more. Then was Levi's team.. he plays for the Kelso Colts... they didn't end up winning either... but Levi had an awesome game, and he ran for a touchdown and alot of yards! Then last but not least was Canon's game, they won and Canon had two touchdowns. They are all so fun to watch.. I talk about the guys missing football, I am afraid to admit.... I just might miss it too! Maybe I like the part of getting a Chai Tea and cuddling up with a blanket in the stands..thats kind of fun too!
Levi's going down!

Levi # 15 for the Colts... Touchdown! I love the hand.. like don't come near me!

Canon running for his life!

Canon #12 I think he's played to many video games..........he has all the juke moves down!

Hand off, Sawyer to Noah... So cute and professional!

Noah full speed ahead! He is a fast little guy...

Noah #5 going head to head!

Sawyer, with his Quarterback keeper........Touchdown!

Sawyer #10

Monday, October 27, 2008

Parkers Senior Pictures

On Saturday morning I met up with Parker and his mom at their house, and we got started checking out their property for potential photo spots. Turns out there was a TON! Their house and property was beautiful and perfect for what we were looking for. It was a little hard at first to figure out what to do with Parker. Since I had never met him, I didn't know what he was into.... or what feel he wanted his picks to have. As you can tell from looking at his pics.... we went for the country, nature look! And it was fun to do something like this... since all the pics I have been taking lately are more urban feeling. I think we got some great shots of Parker. I also got one of my favorite shots I have taken in a long time.. out on their property..I will post it soon! Be sure to check back, because I have TONS of stuff to blog and Im sure I will be getting most of it done this week! Gabby

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A few more pics from Mexico

This is our little friend Oleg.... He was nice but kind of a tad annoying.. hahahah. He was with his parents and they were pretty boring, so he kind of latched on to us, and was trying to hang out with us and control what and when we were gonna do stuff. We finally had to be blunt with Oleg cause he wouldn't take a hint..."WE are not on your TIME schedule." Good thing he didn't find us until like three days before we left! hahaha This picture was on the Sly.. Cause I didn't want him to know I was taking a pic of him or he would of thought we really wanted to be his best friend!

Just say NO to speedos! I saw way too many speedos while I was on Vacation. Europeans are totally into them! Thank goodness Americans for the most part arn't! Sorry for the pic quality.. all these pics from Mexico are on my little point and shoot.. I didn't want to bring my expensive camera.. In cases something happened to it!

I had to take this pic on the sly also. I felt so bad for these guys. They are out picking up the seaweed that washes up on the beach in front of the resort. By the time they have raked it all up and put it in there vehicle the other half of the beach that they just raked is already covered with seaweed AGAIN!! It's a loosing battle... I couldn't hardly handle watching I felt so bad. But there is two ways to look at it.... there is the way I was feeling and then there is also the view of alot of those people that were working doing that sort of stuff. I heard from alot of them that they are super thankful for there jobs and that they are great jobs and if the resorts weren't there, they wouldnt have a job. Soooo I guess I need to choose to look at it that way!

Cute little Iguana running around! This is the only one I saw the whole time! I was on the hunt too!

Cute little Coca Cola delivery truck.. alot smaller than the ones it takes to deliver Coke around here.