Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are you ready for some Football?

Our cheering section! Man these boys are lucky!

So this was the last weekend for football. All except for Canon, he has one more game this weekend. I don't know what the guys are gonna do? They are gonna go into like an after football season depression! We had three games in a row on Sunday.... First was Noah and Sawyer's team.. they were undefeated until there last game.... not to shabby! And they both had awesome games, I think a couple touchdowns each? I don't know I can't keep track any more. Then was Levi's team.. he plays for the Kelso Colts... they didn't end up winning either... but Levi had an awesome game, and he ran for a touchdown and alot of yards! Then last but not least was Canon's game, they won and Canon had two touchdowns. They are all so fun to watch.. I talk about the guys missing football, I am afraid to admit.... I just might miss it too! Maybe I like the part of getting a Chai Tea and cuddling up with a blanket in the stands..thats kind of fun too!
Levi's going down!

Levi # 15 for the Colts... Touchdown! I love the hand.. like don't come near me!

Canon running for his life!

Canon #12 I think he's played to many video games..........he has all the juke moves down!

Hand off, Sawyer to Noah... So cute and professional!

Noah full speed ahead! He is a fast little guy...

Noah #5 going head to head!

Sawyer, with his Quarterback keeper........Touchdown!

Sawyer #10


CripplingCousins said...

Absolutely darling!!! Those little men out there are so fake and professional!!! I love it!!