Monday, October 27, 2008

Parkers Senior Pictures

On Saturday morning I met up with Parker and his mom at their house, and we got started checking out their property for potential photo spots. Turns out there was a TON! Their house and property was beautiful and perfect for what we were looking for. It was a little hard at first to figure out what to do with Parker. Since I had never met him, I didn't know what he was into.... or what feel he wanted his picks to have. As you can tell from looking at his pics.... we went for the country, nature look! And it was fun to do something like this... since all the pics I have been taking lately are more urban feeling. I think we got some great shots of Parker. I also got one of my favorite shots I have taken in a long time.. out on their property..I will post it soon! Be sure to check back, because I have TONS of stuff to blog and Im sure I will be getting most of it done this week! Gabby