Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Im alive still!

Me and Katie modeling our headbands!

Hello Everyone! I am still alive I swear! I haven't taken pics in a long TIME! I guess I have been busy working on myself. As of today I am down 62 lbs! I has been a longggg and drawn out process, but I think in the end I have done it the slow and permanent way. I feel like I have really changed my life style and not just been on a diet. I have become so much more active, and not just for weight loss purposes.. just because when you lose weight you want to try stuff you didn't want to do before. Like Soccer! I love it.. and I am so happy when I can get out there and run run run! So anyways I have a goal of about 17 more lbs by July.. originally it was the first of July.. but the end of July will due. So when I reach that goal I think I will post a few before and after pics... I have been looking at allot of my before pics lately.. and lets just say.. I am SOOO happy that's not me anymore! If any one needs inspiration just bust out one of your bad pics.. It really helps me! Until next time.. Gabby