Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What I'm up to this Summer!

So this summer is shaping up to be a good one! I am getting ready to leave for Idaho for about 9 days of camping at some lake some where... All I know is Idaho, and i'm leaving the rest up to my mom and dad. As soon as I get back my Bro leaves for Italy for 2 Weeks...... So I have to survive work all by my lonesome and then I'm off on another trip! Me and Katie are doing a driving trip towards California, camping along the way. And I say towards California cause we don't know how far we will get with gas prices at 2 million dollars a gallon! But we hope to see the red wood forest and Napa Valley and stuff! And last but not least me and my sisters have booked a trip to Cancun for late Sept. early Oct. !!! We are all REALLY RIDICULOUSLY excited. Like we have so long to wait but we talk about it like everyday as if we are leaving next week! I just got my passport! Man I feel so American!!!! hahahah Except for the fact that I look like a freak in my pic. The guy at Walgreen's took a few pics and he was like "yah ummm these won't work I can't see your eyes" hahaha I'm like yah that happens alot.. He goes, well they have to be able to see the color of your eyes or they wont give you your passport. SO needless to Say I LOOK VERY SURPRISED in my pic. I am straining to open my eyes wide.. It doesn't come natural! Yah and what else am I up to? Nothing much really on photography side of things. I haven't been any where cool or inspirational in a while so I haven't had any pics to blog. I am hoping that these trips I am going on will provide for some good photos. I am debating on bringing my camera to Mexico... I have heard alot about stuff being stolen out of your room... So I don't want to miss out on cool photos but I also can't afford to loose my camera! We will see. Anyways! Still playing soccer we are about 4 and 2 which isn't toooo bad! We did have a girl fall last night and break her radius bone in her arm! SAD.... She is going to be off the team for a while if not for good.. That stinks but other wise Soccer has been alot of FUN! Well until next time! Ohh and for any body reading this who is paying attention to my spelling and grammar....... I know it's bad, but I'm in a hurry OK! Adios Gabby