Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch......

This past weekend David and I went to the pumpkin patch! I haven't been in a few yrs.. and I haven't carved a pumpkin in I don't know how long! Tonight I am going over to his house to carve my pumpkin.. I am excited! I always do the same old same old pumpkin face.. triangle eyes and nose and a missing teeth mouth.. I need to google pumpkin carving while I am sitting here at work... with not much to do, and get some better pumpkin ideas. Well I am moving in 13 days and I am not proud to say.... I haven't done a thing! I have bought quite a bit.. and my current bedroom is a disaster.. and I know that my new room is alot smaller.. and I haven't done any downsizing, only upsizing! Needless to say, I have got to get to work and start getting rid of the things I don't really need! Goodwill drop off here I come! Until next time... Happy FALL! Gabby

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So things are finally changing in my life! For the longest time I have felt like nothing much was really happening. I have done alot of fun stuff.. but I felt like if someone hadn't talked to me in a long time.. nothing much was really different.. stuck in the same old rut! Well, first off I have met a really great guy! I am so lucky to have met him.. and have him in my life. He is so full of adventure and up for ANYTHING! He always wants to try new stuff.. and can always come up with something fun and different to do or see. But even if we are just sitting at home.. he is so great to just be around! And second, I am finally moving out Nov. 1st!!! I am a little scared I won't lie.. but def more excited then scared! It is going to be so fun.. I am going to be living with my cousin Kayli, and we are going to have the cutest pad in town! What I am really excited for, is to be able to pull out all the stuff I have bought over the years and look at it all! I have forgotten about so many little things that I have bought.. that its going to be like Chirstmas! Speaking of Christmas.. I can't believe the holidays are just around the corner! SO excited! Until next time! Gabby