Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SO MUCH.......


This is a pic I stole of a cool house in New Mexico! So I am so excited sitting here at work thinking about the fun stuff I have in store! This Friday I have the James Taylor concert... Then I leave for vacation on the 29th of this month, for two weeks. We are going to be flying into Albuquerque New Mexico and picking up our rental car. We are going to be looking at tons of stuff around New Mexico...( for some strange reason, I have always wanted to go to NM) White water rafting the Rio Grande.. and then off to Texas.. we are going to see the Alamo, NASA, Six Flags and Sea World, and everything else we feel like looking at. Then we are heading east to Louisiana! New Orleans and all that Jazz! And then up to Arkansas to go to Hot Springs National Park, a pit stop in Oklahoma City.. and much more. I don't really have time to list all the stuff we want to see.. but lets just say IT IS ALOT! But I am so excited!!! Then when we get home, there is the U2 concert... David's Bday, my Bday, our 1 yr. Anniversary..... Gosh... I am tired just thinking about all of it. But I wouldn't want it ANY other way! BRING IT ON!!!!