Thursday, October 6, 2011

Here comes the BRIDE!!

MARCH 17th 2012.. Is the BIG DAY!!!

WHOO HOOO is it March yet? If you haven't already heard David and I are getting married!! He proposed to me at the top of the Eiffel Tower while we were on vacation in June. I had hoped and wondered and speculated before we left, but I never really thought it was going to actually happen. I talked myself out of it.. didn't want to get my hopes up. Never EVER imagined David would be brave enough to carry my beautiful ring all the way over there! But he did.. and it was WONDERFUL!! My ring couldn't be any more perfect.. I look at it all the time and can't imagine wanting anything different. I never knew what I wanted in a ring.. but this is it! It is timeless and elegant and everything I could ever wish for. In a little more than five months we will be Mr. and Mrs. Schimelpfenig. I can't wait to take his name.. all 13 letters of it. I have done alot of the wedding stuff, just have a few more things to plan, and little detail sort of stuff. I ordered my dress and it will be here in January. My dress is everything I could have hoped for also. It was such an easy and wonderful process, picking it out. I don't know how that happened but I am so grateful it did. I was expecting to hate everything.. I was expecting the be the girl going from bridal shop to bridal shop pulling my hair out.. but it was exactly the opposite. Well until next time..

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dreaming of Europe...

Is it May 28th yet???

Ughhh I can NOT wait to head out! We are heading to Europe in exactly 6 work weeks! Yes I am totally counting biggest fear? What shoes to bring??? I have one really good pair.. but not quite sure on the other ones. But anyways besides my clothes problems.. We are flying into Amsterdam.. then heading to Belgium and then France and on to Switzerland, then up through Germany! We are going to see sooo much in two and a half weeks. It is going to be like the amazing race. I can't even imgaine how it is going to go down... David has me on the train by 6 A.M. some days..who gets up that early on vacation??? Not me!! Oh well.. gotta make the most of our time I suppose. Does it make me weird if I already want to pack my bags??


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring is coming...

Hello Friends, Spring is coming are you ready? Super bowl is over.. days are getting longer.. I am starting to plan my summer vacations... This is the time of year when I get antsy! It isn't quite spring, not really winter..and makes me dream of summer time of the year! Valentines Day is Monday... got any plans? We are going out on Saturday night to an undisclosed location. Since David gets off pretty late on weekdays we decided to go out Saturday night instead.. and I will make him a Valentines dinner on Monday night at his house when he gets off work! Gosh.. I don't really have to much to say, except I got to looking at other peoples blogs this afternoon and realized mine is sorely lacking. Ihave nothing clever or cool to say.. not much going on.. no good pics... Just ME! So thats all yah get!
Have a fabulous Valentines Day.. give your Honey extra smooches.. and eat some chocolate!
Until next time!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow Walking

Can you guess what I got for Christmas? Snowshoes!! I didn't know they were so fun... and to be honest I didn't even know I wanted them.. but now that I have used them twice, I love them! Happy New Year everyone! This Christmas was another good one. Lots of food, fun and family. For New Years we headed to a Winterhawks game at the Rose Garden... pretty low key but nice. They did a midnight balloon drop with money in some of them... of course neither of us got one with money. But thats to be expected right! Then we headed up to Mt. St. Helens and went snow shoeing the next day. We went around cold water lake.. that is the pic above. This place is heaven, we have been there once before when it wasn't snow covered and it is such a nice hike, and it was even funner to snowshoe around. My next thing is to get out on the lake in a kayak. I WANT A KAYAK BAD! But I have to get a rack to carry it around with first. So what does 2011 hold for me? I am not sure, I have a few things I am hoping for in 2011 but I will keep those to myself. I am sure to have some adventures... and vacations! Until next time!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OH Canada!!!

Can you guess where I am heading???

Yay! David is gone this whole week hiking with his friend around Mt. Hood on the Pacific Crest Trail, but when he gets home we are headed up to Vancouver B.C. for the week! I am so excited! I have been there, but just for the day... I have never really stayed and explored. We are going to rent bikes or mopeds and ride them around Stanley park. We are going to go to a really cool hot springs that you can only get to by boat! We might go whale watching... we are going to a really cool suspension bridge. This makes not talking or seeing him for a whole week... OK.. because I know when he gets back we are out of here for a week! And then my friends.. I am afraid to tell you this.. but.... dun dun dun.. The HOLIDAY season will be upon us.. before we know it, Halloween.. and then that slips right into Thanksgiving and HELLO CHRISTMAS! Are you ready?? I'm NOT! Lets not get to carried away... For now I am just going to look ahead to CANADA!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

One Year!

This is as close as we dare get so soon! LOL

This is David and I on our first real date! We met for the first time in "Real Life" on August 13th 2009.. one yr ago tomorrow. We had been talking on the phone and internet for about 3 months.. before I finally agreed to go out with him. I remember like it was yesterday... I kept putting him off, canceling dates the morning of... saying I would go to stuff when I really had no intention of following through..I don't know what I was thinking! But let me tell you.. THAT ALL CHANGED WHEN I MET HIM IN REAL LIFE! Until I actually met the person behind the voice and the typing.. all was fair in love and war! I actually told him at one point.. He was never going to meet me, and he should give the concert ticket he had bought me to someone else cause I wasn't gonna go. The night of the concert, I ended up going to (our third date) was our first kiss! Gosh.. If I could go back I wouldn't have been so LAME! Anyways.. He text me about 9 am in the middle of the week and asked me if I wanted to meet him for lunch on my break... because he randomly had the day off for a dentist appt. I remember telling my mom "well I ran out of excuses...I guess I will have to go." Now that I look back on it.. It wasn't even about David.. It was more about me... It wasn't that I didn't like him, I just actually thought he wouldn't like me. Anyways, So I met him really close to my office at a little teriyaki place. I remember driving up and not wanting to get out of the car. I was on the phone with Katie and she talked me into it.. seriously..I don't know why I was so nervous. I drove around the parking lot, debating if I was gonna actually go or just drive away, when he saw me. Soooo I had to park and get out! And things went great.. I really liked him! Shortly after that.. about a week later we went hiking. (pictures above)

I always tell him I like our story, that I was so wrong... and ended up falling in love. That makes it so much more interesting. Gives us character.. hahahah. He says "I was just mean." But whatever you wanna call it.. I have to say it was God's plan, not mine or his!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Music to my ears!

Lilith Fair 7/03/10 The Gorge in George!

Hello! How is your summer? Mine is going great! I wish I could be outside more.... but someone has to pay the bills! This yr. has been full of concerts... We just got back from Lilith Fair... we are going to Third Day this weekend.. we had tickets to U2 but that was canceled cause Bono had back surgery.. Bob Dylan was a few months ago.. and we are going to him again with John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson in Sept.. and that is just to name a few. What can I say, David loves live music. I of coarse do too.. but I was always the type who just loved it.. but never bought the tickets.. and then wished I would have.. he actually purchases stuff and goes to it.. what a concept?!!! The reason I love concerts besides the obvious fact that it is entertaining and awesome to see someone live... Is that it gives me something to look forward to. I have realized lately I live, to look forward to stuff. If I have something in the future planned it keeps me going.. gets me through all the boring days at work, the sitting inside while the sun shines. So for now I am looking forward to seeing Mac Powell this weekend... and if you know me at all.. you know Mac is my Guy!