Monday, April 18, 2011

Dreaming of Europe...

Is it May 28th yet???

Ughhh I can NOT wait to head out! We are heading to Europe in exactly 6 work weeks! Yes I am totally counting biggest fear? What shoes to bring??? I have one really good pair.. but not quite sure on the other ones. But anyways besides my clothes problems.. We are flying into Amsterdam.. then heading to Belgium and then France and on to Switzerland, then up through Germany! We are going to see sooo much in two and a half weeks. It is going to be like the amazing race. I can't even imgaine how it is going to go down... David has me on the train by 6 A.M. some days..who gets up that early on vacation??? Not me!! Oh well.. gotta make the most of our time I suppose. Does it make me weird if I already want to pack my bags??