Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cute Guys

Tonight we babysat Josh and Sundee's Kids and I pinned them down for a few pics all except Canon he wasn't into it. He was too busy building some lego structure. Ill have to catch him next time. But this was rare for Sawyer to be so into getting his picture taken so I had to Seize the moment! Sawyer looking Studly

Celia was so not into this double picture thing


Sawyer found this Caterpillar and he named him Crawler

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well its about time! Im going on a trip finally! Me and Kayli are going to VEGAS!!!! July 4th to the 11th............. Should be fun, and that trip will be followed up by another week at the end of July at Creation Fest, July is shapeing up to be a good month! Here are a few pics I took lately of Mount Hood when I was waiting for Kayli to head up to Seattle. The color mountain one is a little bit dramatic with the sun, but I kind of like it like that! CIAO Gabby

Friday, June 1, 2007


Yesterday, Simon and I went with Katie and Justin down to the waterfront and took a few pics. After Simon trying to attack a Black Lab and digging in mole holes like a crazy animal we got a few good shots! Then we topped it off with a little Who Song and Larry's! YUM YUM! Im heading out right now to meet up with Katie and Kayli to check out the rose festival! Tomorrow my sister and I are going to be selling our wares at the Kalama Festival! We will see how that goes! Wish me LUCK..................... Gabby