Friday, July 16, 2010

Music to my ears!

Lilith Fair 7/03/10 The Gorge in George!

Hello! How is your summer? Mine is going great! I wish I could be outside more.... but someone has to pay the bills! This yr. has been full of concerts... We just got back from Lilith Fair... we are going to Third Day this weekend.. we had tickets to U2 but that was canceled cause Bono had back surgery.. Bob Dylan was a few months ago.. and we are going to him again with John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson in Sept.. and that is just to name a few. What can I say, David loves live music. I of coarse do too.. but I was always the type who just loved it.. but never bought the tickets.. and then wished I would have.. he actually purchases stuff and goes to it.. what a concept?!!! The reason I love concerts besides the obvious fact that it is entertaining and awesome to see someone live... Is that it gives me something to look forward to. I have realized lately I live, to look forward to stuff. If I have something in the future planned it keeps me going.. gets me through all the boring days at work, the sitting inside while the sun shines. So for now I am looking forward to seeing Mac Powell this weekend... and if you know me at all.. you know Mac is my Guy!