Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A few more pics from Mexico

This is our little friend Oleg.... He was nice but kind of a tad annoying.. hahahah. He was with his parents and they were pretty boring, so he kind of latched on to us, and was trying to hang out with us and control what and when we were gonna do stuff. We finally had to be blunt with Oleg cause he wouldn't take a hint..."WE are not on your TIME schedule." Good thing he didn't find us until like three days before we left! hahaha This picture was on the Sly.. Cause I didn't want him to know I was taking a pic of him or he would of thought we really wanted to be his best friend!

Just say NO to speedos! I saw way too many speedos while I was on Vacation. Europeans are totally into them! Thank goodness Americans for the most part arn't! Sorry for the pic quality.. all these pics from Mexico are on my little point and shoot.. I didn't want to bring my expensive camera.. In cases something happened to it!

I had to take this pic on the sly also. I felt so bad for these guys. They are out picking up the seaweed that washes up on the beach in front of the resort. By the time they have raked it all up and put it in there vehicle the other half of the beach that they just raked is already covered with seaweed AGAIN!! It's a loosing battle... I couldn't hardly handle watching I felt so bad. But there is two ways to look at it.... there is the way I was feeling and then there is also the view of alot of those people that were working doing that sort of stuff. I heard from alot of them that they are super thankful for there jobs and that they are great jobs and if the resorts weren't there, they wouldnt have a job. Soooo I guess I need to choose to look at it that way!

Cute little Iguana running around! This is the only one I saw the whole time! I was on the hunt too!

Cute little Coca Cola delivery truck.. alot smaller than the ones it takes to deliver Coke around here.