Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas Starts the Day after Halloween Aparently

Just had to get that off my chest. The Christmas season doesn't start the day after Thanksgiving anymore... NO my friends it starts the day after Halloween. Not that I totally mind, but I don't want any one fooling themselves... Christmas season is here and it is here to stay until DECEMBER 26th. Well now that I am done with that, I had a great weekend. I went and saw Mandie.... one of the many things we did was go to a country line dance club. That was a first.. and I have to say it was really fun! We were not quite prepared, fashion wise... but it was still a really good time. Next time I will bring my Cowboy hat and boots....... well probably not, but hey I will try to fit in a little better. This week I have decided to buckle down and get my butt moving..... I am 5 lbs. away from losing a total of 50 lbs so far.. and I have got to get GOING! I have a goal for new yrs. ... and the way I'm going Ill never be there! I have gotten into a little bit of a CHAI TEA obsession.... So this week I have decided I have to kick the Chai habit and get serious. I have a few jeans that I have bought lately that are calling my name.. but not for about another 10lbs... hahahaha WISH ME LUCK... cutting the Chai cold turkey!


katie said...

You are totally outta this world! I aint kiddin around! "cutting the Chai cold turkey!" I love it! p.s. we reallly need to pick names for Christmas this year! -Kt