Thursday, November 13, 2008


Simon is having some issues! Hahahha His hair do... Is in need of some fixing! Apparently since I have stopped taking him to work, and by the time I get off it's to dark to go to the dog park, he has nothing to live for! hahahah When I say that I mean he has become SOOO lazy.... He sleeps all day! And when I get up in the morning he just keeps right on sleeping.
I couldn't figure it out... and then
my mom goes I know why he sleeps all the time!
I was like why? She goes those new curtains in your room! I'm like what??? She goes they are so dark that he thinks its always NIGHT TIME! hahahahah.........I got thick chocolate brown curtains the other day and since it's winter and im never in my room anyways except for at night... I haven't really been pulling them open.. So my dog was all confused and thought it was always night! POOR LITTLE GUY!!! hahahhah This lack of energy and the fact that he's becoming an old man, has translated into a few extra pounds around the belly I have noticed lately on him..... He has always been so SKINNY.. but I guess being the worlds laziest dog will do that to yah! Until next time ADIOS!


Anonymous said...

I literally started laughing out loud when I saw this picture. He is so totally neglected. Now he knows how Teddy feels.