Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Workout Schmirckout!

Ok......so after MUCH planning and preperation me and my dad met at the gym today after work...........We were going to go to a step aerobics/ kick boxing /butt kicking class. We go into the room where the class is... and it was super jam packed. There were Steps set up all over the place.... so I go and grab one from the back of the room (that wasn't set up yet) and procede to move one up a little so I can put mine next to my dads. When this lady comes walking over and looking at me... I go oh was this your step? And she goes YES, and I go well I was gonna scoot it up a little is that ok? And she goes NO.. I want it right there.. SO I go OK and I put mine in front of hers Instead.. So im not next to my dad.........Grrrrr and she couldn't see the teacher cause I was right in front of her now.. serves her right! So we are standing around now waiting for the class to start.. when out of no where another lady comes up to me and goes, is this my step? I go no, I got it from the back of the room and set it up! And then the other lady who told me not to move her step Chimes IN! Oh her step was there, did you move it? I GO NOOOOOOOOOOOO I went and got this step and SET IT UP.... She goes well where did it go then??? I go I DON'T KNOW???????? Now you have to realize about this time I WAS GETTING TICKED OFF.... With all of this step stealing crap... And mind you, no one had like a water bottle or a towel or anything sitting on there step they just assume everyone know that its taken... even though I didn't take it. So the girl who thought I stole her step goes to the front of the WHOLE class and goes Does any one know where the step that was right back there went???? THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE!!!!!!!!!!! I was pretty much in shock at this point.. and everyone looked at ther like you must be an idiot? So any ways the lady behind me was still harrassing me about the step, when I turned around to my dad and go.............THEY THINK I STOLE HER STEP! And he goes what the crap? She didn't steal your stinking step... hahhahahaha IT WAS NUTSSSSSSSSSS I don' t know what was wrong with these people. So the girl who thinks her step was stolen goes down stairs and gets another step, and about this time me and my dad were so mad, he turns to me and goes lets GO... hahhhahah so before the class even starts we LEAVE........and who do we run into on the stairs.. the girl who thinks I stole her step.. She goes I got another one you guys can keep that one. I didn't mean to accuse you.. I couldn't even GO THERE......So I just raised my hand to her... as if to say YOUR NUTS.... So needless to say we both drove home TICKED... and went on the treadmill... My Dad vows never to go back! hahahhaha I just can't believe my first class was to be my last! These ladies are serious about their step arobics.. Oh and its 12:25 and I am super tired so please excuse the spelling, punctuation, lack of quotation marks ETC.......... I'm just not into all that jazz right now. Well anyways........thats the craziest thing that has happened to me in a while........... so I had to share it! Oh and the pic at the top LOVE IT! I fell in the mud pretty much to get it.. and my shoes are still covered in mud.. but hey it was worth it!


katie said...

ahhahaha that is the best story eVER! I would have FREAKED out! cuz I cant stand when people say I did something when I didnt...gRRR

COURTNEY said...

Uhhh...girls can be such B's sometimes!! Oh, and I love the new pic...so cool!

michelle allen said...

yes this pic is amazing Gabby! so is the story. CRAZY! they're there to get exercise, what's the big stinkin deal about going and grabbing another step! UPTIGHT!

btw. on Facebook there may be a widget through blogger so that everytime you post a new blog entry it automatically does a one liner on Facebook with a link. I use the one through Typepad. If that doesn't work you may want to add the http:// to your address so that people can easily click. Just a couple thoughts, don't mean to be a KIA (know it all) just trying to help. : )