Wednesday, December 3, 2008


point and shoot cameras arn't the best Sorry!

4 am shopping rules! oooppsss sorry the pic is sideways

My mom in the morning after shopping rush!

Everyone minus Me! Getting ready to dig In!

My dad trying to move the Turkey from the pan to a platter.... Difficult task! Turns out we needed about 3 people to do it!

So Thanksgiving this year was pretty low key. Much more low key then normal. It was just my mom, dad, me, and my sisters in-laws and family. Usually its all of us.. but Josh was with his inlaws this yr and Kim was out of town. We did end up getting to see Matt and the kids later on in the evening. It was nice though... really relaxing! We actually spent alot of time crafting our plan for the morning after shopping spree! We ended up hitting alot of stores and shopping from about 5 am to 5pm. I didn't get too much stuff.. but Jessie pretty much finished up her shopping! I didn't end up seeing any crazy people pushing old ladies down for the last pair of socks or anything... although that would have made my day a tad more interesting! At the expense of an old lady that is.. so I guess it is a good thing it didn't happen! Hahahaha