Thursday, May 24, 2007



I love this one, Kayli putting lipstick on Kendra! DARLING!

These are some pictures I recently did of "The Nappe Children" Hahaha Kayli hated when I named their picture file that! They wanted some pictures to give to their mom at her Surprise party this weekend! SOO... SHHHHH....!!! Kayli showed me the last picture those three had together, lets just say Dom was a BABY!! and Kayli and Kendra were superimposed on either side, with like fog around their floating heads! 80's!! So I think she is gonna like these new one! And this is just a few we blew some up and put the rest in a book! Why am I writing this if its a secret???? Well Wendy doesnt have the internet at her house, so I am just taking my chances! And no one knows about my blog yet... Well except Katie she looked at it and said just what I thought she would say POTION!!! HEHEHE