Wednesday, May 23, 2007


OK, So I have been a blog stocker for a while! I get to work and I check all my favorite blogs, mostly photography blogs! And then Michelle my sisters friend mentioned me getting one to show people my new favorite pictures,and stuff that I am up to, and I thought why not??? So one thing you should know about me if you are going to look at my blogs is, I know how to spell and use punctuation but I just dont care to! Sooooo If you notice alot of run on sentences and stuff dont worry im not really that dumb, I just dont think it really matters! OK any ways I am going to post a few of my new fav. pics that I have done recently if i can figure out how! OHHH and I picked up my bizzzznessss cards today and Let me just say me likey! Well actually there are a few small things that I would change and stuff but hey I cant DWELL.



katie said...

You are so potion how you worded things! I love your perspective and think u'v got an eye for things that alot of people would have just lookd right past!