Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hiker Guy

So.... When I first met David, I called him "Hiker Guy" instead of David, to everyone but him.
And turns out that is exactly what he is! A HIKER GUY! I have gone on more hikes in the last 7 months then my whole entire 26 yrs of living. I have never ever hiked in the winter.. I didn't even have winter hiking boots.. only summer hiking sandals. So first things first.. He took me over to REI and we picked out a good pair of hiking boots. Fast forward 7 months and I am hiking almost every weekend. That is not to say I am the best hiker... I have definitely got better... but still have a long way to go. Some days I do really good.. and some other days I just want to sit down and pitch a fit! Some how he always gets me to go further then I ever intended on going in the first place. He almost sneaks in more miles then he originally promised!! But over all there is almost nothing more I would rather be doing on a Saturday afternoon, then hiking with my Honey, with a lunch in my backpack, walking my dog! Although sometimes I am cursing my decision to fall in love with a Hiker Guy, while I climb endless switchbacks... It is ALWAYS worth it in the end! I am so looking forward to warm summer hikes, that involve swimming in random bodies of water we come across this summer! Happy Hiking!