Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Photography to share!

Well since I have not had any time or anybody to take pics of lately I thought I would share just a few random pics from my New Years weekend! I do not know why they are so small.. hmmm different computer... but Oh well! Anyways.. It has been I don't know how long since me and Leann and Lobsang have all had a weekend together.. Years! It was really fun.. me and Lobsang drove up to Tacoma and stayed with Leann at her place for 4 days. We ate out, had wine and treats.. shopped until we dropped.. laughed until we died..and danced! It was good to be with my two best friends again! Hopefully we can do it again soon! So... I was just thinking about it and I got a new handy dandy point and shoot for Christmas.. which has made me become lets just say LAZY.. I haven't broke out my actual camera for quite some time! SO this weekend I am going to pin down at least two of my nieces and nephews and get some updated pics of them.. I am feeling artistic.. and It needs to happen! SO I should have some new pics up here soon! Have a good Week! Gabby