Monday, September 1, 2008


Katie and I went on our long awaited trip down the coast to California! We took Highway 101 most of the way and it was sooo much fun! We saw lots of memorable stuff and stopped at any and every little town or attraction that we wanted to see! Here is Katie trying to make a fire, our fires were hit or miss... either it was really easy to start or realllllyy hard to start... I think this was one of the reallly hard to start fires.

Napa Valley! We went to some really cool wineries and tried quite a few different kinds. It was really cool to see all the different buildings. They were all bigger and better than the next one!

Here is one of our many camp spots! This one was the one near Monterey Bay. To our left was Norm our 65 yr. old friend and to our right was a family from Spain who had taken a month to drive around the united states camping with there little girl. She was so cute and all she spoke was spanish and it didnt matter to her that we didn't, she would just talk to us as if we understood! Soo cute!

Beautiful boats in Monterey Bay

Katie sitting on the Giant shoe of Paul Bunyon.

Some flowers growing in the OLLDDD Ferndale Cemetery. I love the contrast of the flowers against all the cement.

We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I tried to get a pic of the Jelly Fish and didn't notice Katie was reflected in the glass. I was sooo happy when I saw that Katie had been melted into a jelly fish! HAHAHAHAH I love it!

Drinking A Yummmy White Chocolate Mocha from the Ghiradelli Chocolate store and washing down a couple cookies from the Nestle Tollhouse Cafe. YUMMM calories!

Santa Cruz! Isn't this a crazy beach. It was like a fake set from a movie. Like what beach really looks like this.

This is the little girl I was talking about from Spain! I can't remember her name??? Sad!

Wind Power!

This pic is along highway 101 isn't the ocean beautiful! Now that this trip is over I have one trip left! Cancun Sept 30th with my sisters! Can't wait... I just hope all the hurricanes are done swirling around by then!


COURTNEY said...

I LOVE the windmill pic. SO cool!

michelle said...

that windmill shot is AMAZING Gabby! looks like you're leading a pretty amazing life girl. did you make it to that candy shop?