Sunday, April 13, 2008


So, I had one of the best days Saturday! I couldnt have done anything better! Me and my mom woke up and went to Saturday Market and we took Simon and he loved it. Then we went to the Tulip festival in woodland.......thats where I got all these pics. It was beautiful and WARM! Then we went and got lunch and took it to a park in Kalama along the river and it was SO NICE! We stopped at my sisters house and visited her and headed home to get ready! Also I got my new jeans I ordered at American Eagle .com in the mail and they could not have fit better! Now that in its self was amazing! Since I have never even had jeans from there and didnt know how in the world they would even fit.... well they did hahha and then we went to PF Changs with my sisters and Sundee.. For Sundee's Bday! It was perfect.. I love days like that! I told everyone the one thing that could have made the day better is if I was doing all this with the man of my dreams and not my Mom! hahaah No..... I love hanging out with her! Anyways Off to bed. I am super tired so Im not even paying attention to if what I wrote even made any sense to everyone but hey whatever!
Ciao for now! Gabby


Anonymous said...


Fenom pics. I want a few of those.


Fenridal said...

See Please Here