Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Multnomah Falls

So on Monday I had the day off................ Thank you Martin Luther King. And I talked my mom into heading over to Multnomah Falls. Turns out I am pretty dumb. I guess I didnt realize the weather at the falls would be a little bit different then in Battle Ground. IT was FREEZing.... So we made it to the bridge before my mom had a little run in with some ice. Needless to say we left after a few pics and had out picnic lunch in the car. Oh well maybe be will try again in spring. For now all I have are a few pics. Because when I got there I realized I had a very low battery! Im Reallly dumb now! hahaha Anyways ADIOS for now!


Rhyce Vandaneen said...

Very powerful photograph, the bridge looking so vulnerable up there above all that thrashing water. I really like the pool of water at the bottom as well it sort of shows a peaceful ending to the fury.
That bridge is just amazing though, makes me scared to even look at it!