Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OH Canada!!!

Can you guess where I am heading???

Yay! David is gone this whole week hiking with his friend around Mt. Hood on the Pacific Crest Trail, but when he gets home we are headed up to Vancouver B.C. for the week! I am so excited! I have been there, but just for the day... I have never really stayed and explored. We are going to rent bikes or mopeds and ride them around Stanley park. We are going to go to a really cool hot springs that you can only get to by boat! We might go whale watching... we are going to a really cool suspension bridge. This makes not talking or seeing him for a whole week... OK.. because I know when he gets back we are out of here for a week! And then my friends.. I am afraid to tell you this.. but.... dun dun dun.. The HOLIDAY season will be upon us.. before we know it, Halloween.. and then that slips right into Thanksgiving and HELLO CHRISTMAS! Are you ready?? I'm NOT! Lets not get to carried away... For now I am just going to look ahead to CANADA!!


Katie said...

Girl! I didn't know you did such fake things...I asked but didnt get this info! So, did you end up going to the hot springs and go whale watching???? Those two things I dream of! What fun! LOVE