Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dog Park Fun!

Me and my God son Wilson

Katie and her God son Simon! JK I know thats cheap, it's just a dumb joke me and Katie always do!

Wilson, Tired from running around like CRAZY!

Simon pretty much smiling! hahahhaha

I don't know who he is kiddind, he has pee'd so many times there is no way he has any left. But it makes him feel good to pretend I guess! hahhhaah

Simon is not afraid of any one at the dog park! It is crazy.... he will see two dogs fighting or growling... he runs over and takes one of there sides and gets into the mix! And it always has to be like Pit Bulls or boxers... or something that is bigger then him by a MILE!

So I have to admit, I have turned into one of those dog park people! hahahah I never thought it would happen, but I am sorry dear friends it has. The dog park is a great invention! The first time I went I was like NO WAY these people are nuts! They are a whole different breed of human, but it turns out... I am one of them! Jk not really, kind of I guess.... Well anyways.. it is really great to be able to let Simon run around like crazy and not worry about him getting out.. its all totally fenced! So me and Katie took Simon and Wilson there on Sat. and let them run for a while.. It was fun! I think if people are going to have a pet, they need to invest a little time in them..so I try and get Simon out of the house as often as possible and let him run around, or take him on a walk..... Everyone warns me.. once I have a kid it will be different... I will be like Simon WHO??? And thats Totally Fine... but for now I guess he just passes the time!


COURTNEY said...

You two are too potion with your dog park adventures! I need to find me a dog park to take Reese to. I'm not great about taking her on walks...I think she needs more excercise than she's getting. She usually just does laps around the kitchen, but I somehow don't think that cuts it!

Gabby said...

Oh yah Simon LOVES the dog park! It also gives them time to get used to other dogs. Simon loves to run around and sniff all the other dogs behinds! hahahhah And when they have room to roam around they get along really well. I mean Simon hates my sisters dog and at the dog park they are friends and they frolick around. When they are on there own turf they are like mortal enemies! Its crazy!